Monday, August 12, 2019

Gcloud common commands

+  Login with google cloud platform
gcloud auth login

+  List all projects
gcloud projects list

+  Set project that working on
gcloud config set project [my-project]

+ List all current config include current project in gcloud cli
gcloud config list

+ Access to specific pod in kubernetes
kubectl exec -i -t hellow-world-57499c4b79-ktkn5 /bin/bash

+ Deploy image
kubectl run staticapi[project-id]/staticapi --port 8080

+ Expose deployment to service
kubectl expose deployment staticapi --type=LoadBalancer --name=static-api-service --port=8080 --target-port=8080 --load-balancer-ip=
// --load-balancer-ip= is static ip other gcp will assign ephemeral IP

+ Access pod for checking log
kubectl exec -it nginx-1-bc4ffd99c-jtwxc -- /bin/bash

+ Get Pods with namespace
kubectl get pods --namespace [namespace name]

+ View log of pod
kubectl log [pod name] -f --namespace [namespace name]

+ Delete pod
kubectl delete [pod name] --namespace [namespace name]

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